Dr M Mushi is a physician who specializes in internal medicine. Dr Mushi acquired his MBChB medical degree as well as his Mmed in internal medicine at MEDUNSA and consults from his own private practice located at Eugene Marais Hospital. Dr Mushis practice has grown from strength to strength by providing expert medical care, sound advice and building lasting relationships with his patients who consult with him regularly.

Dr Mushi’s practice provides specialist medical care relating to internal medicine as well as general primary health care services which include:

  • HIV Testing, Diagnosis and treatment
  • Chronic Illness management – diabetes, asthma, hypertension
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Check ups
  • Medical assessments
  • Pathology

Internal medicine is the also referred to as general medicine and is the medical specialty that deals with the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of diseases and illnesses that affect adults. Doctors who specialize in internal medicine are called internists and usually work with patients that suffer from more than one illness. Internists practice in hospitals, clinics and in private practice.

The services and type of care that a general practitioner would perform are similar to that of an internist with slight differences. The main difference is that a general practitioner would consult with patients of all ages groups but an internist only treats adults and not children or adolescents.